Polyrhythmic sequencer

I've been spending some more time with my sequencer idea for the Novation Launchpad using only the built-in MIDI functionality included in Live. The latest version makes it possible to play the sequence from step 1 to 8 while at the same time playing the same sequence but from steps 1 to n, where n is <= 8. In other words, it's possible to make a canon out of a sequence.

Besides this, each step's on/off, pitch, octave up/down, octave up every 3rd bar, random velocity, high velocity and short/long note length are programmable. Steps on the grid are arranged horizontally, that is, step 1 is represented by the first column, step 2 by the second, and so on. The sequences to play are determined by the last column of buttons on the Launchpad (normally used to play scenes in Live), where the top button plays a 1 step long sequence, and the last 8 steps. And the buttons on the top of the Launchpad are used to repeat the last step of the active sequence(s), which can be useful for hearing changes to steps.

Here's a short video of me messing around with the sequencer. It includes basic instructions on how the sequencer works:

To use the sequencer, download the Live set and place it in the Templates folder of your Live library. This way you can create new Live sets with the set without overwriting the original. You can also download a Live project that works like the one in the video above to try it for yourself. You'll need a Launchpad and Live's included MIDI plug-ins to use the sequencer.

Please send any comments or feedback to me via Twitter @mattpatey. Enjoy!