Operating Operator

I don't play keyboards. Not because I don't like them but simply because I can't play them. I also don't like piano rolls. Thinking about the next note and seeing the music laid out as it will sound irritates me for some reason. I prefer creating rules and relationships between things that result in sound, sometimes musical while other times not so musical. Live makes this easy to implement. One of my favourite things to do is to take Operator and control it with a single note. The velocity of the note is mapped to several of Operator's parameters. Time, operator volume, pitch, and LFO can all be affected by velocity and can make for very complex sounds. Adding a random factor to this can lead to an almost endless variety of sonic textures. It's a great way to get sounds that you wouldn't think of since the mapping to a random source makes for a somewhat unpredictable set of sounds. I tried this using three instances of Operator and a single note. The note was sent to each Operator in a fixed sequence over a period of 64 bars. Some dynamics and spring reverb added for fun.

Operating Operator by matt.patey